Plastic Pollutions Facts & Figures

Killer plastic bag

Plastic pollution can now be found from the roof of the world-Mt. Everest- to the deepest ocean trough and from the hottest arid desert to the coldest deep polar ice shelves. Plastic pollution also affects the earth’s densely populated cities as well as the remotest habitations on the earth’s surface. Holiday and leisure destinations, golden beaches, tropical islands, hills and plains are equally subject to contamination by plastic. Living organisms are themselves not immune as plastic is incorporated into the food chain supporting natural eco systems. Nowhere is safe, no country, political party or politician has adequately addressed this most important issue in our life and which will threatened the life chances of future generations.

8 billion tons of plastic waste on earth (International union for conservation of nature)

90% of plastic wastes are not recycled

80% is in landfill or the natural environment

99% of plastics cause climate change

1 million marine organisms die every year

165 million tons plastic in the oceans

80% of marine pollution originates from land-based sources

7 million tons plastics in the oceans

Composed of toxic pollutants causes harmful effects to all living organism

We are eating plastic. We are drinking plastic. We are breathing plastic

Think globally, act locally-Together we can make a difference!