Killer plastic bag
24th February 2021

Plastic Pollutions Facts & Figures

Plastic pollution can now be found from the roof of the world-Mt. Everest- to the deepest ocean trough and from the hottest arid desert to the coldest deep polar ice shelves. Plastic pollution also affects the earth’s densely populated cities as well as the remotest habitations on the earth’s surface. Holiday and leisure destinations, golden … Continue reading “Plastic Pollutions Facts & Figures”

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Plastic bottles and net
26th February 2020

The Problem with Plastic Pollution

What is plastic pollution? Plastic is a harmful material which adversely affects all forms of life on earth and is not readily broken down and removed from natural ecosystems. What is the main problem? Simply it is the fact that plastic does not readily decompose and contains many harmful substances which are constantly accumulating in … Continue reading “The Problem with Plastic Pollution”

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Turtle Killer plastic
18th February 2020

Don’t be selfish

Did you know that that Plastic represents the biggest single threat to our planet’s natural habitat and living organisms? If we ignore the catastrophic damage, we are inflicting on the environment worldwide by the continued use of plastic materials we will reap the unimaginable consequences of wholesale environmental degradation and breakdown. We have an obligation … Continue reading “Don’t be selfish”

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